MindNode 2 App Reviews

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Brillant Mind Map application

This new version should have 5* for the updates done by development team. Much more functionalities without loosing the simplicity and clarity. Notheless I decided to give only 4* for the pricing politics. I bought previous version last year (around 20 euros) which is now useless…I had to pay the full price. no coupon proposal or discounts proposed by the customer service team. The new version include a full integration with task lists which is a revolutionary approach to task management. Keep developing brillant functionalities (add tag management, file attachement) and you excelent product will have an increasing number of users. Regards

Great Software

MindNode is really the best mind mapping app out there!

Best Mind-Mapping App on Mac

Very well designed and programmed with great sync between all OS X and iOS devices via iCloud...


I used this app in school and now in college. Very convenient, although I often write indented text and copy it in the app later on. In earlier versions this worked perfectly, however, recently the circle of death is spinning and results don’t appear to be correct when using large chunks of texts with a high level of depth :/ A change I really like is the new task feature!

Simple but effective mind mapping app

The app is easy to use because of its simple but effective design. But please let us add “real” Bullet points in the next version!

MindNode 2, even more convenient!

One of the best Education app out on the App Store! Helpful when I’m at the university.

Awesome easy to use app

Simple to use, and nice visuals. I’ve been using this lately for project status updates, providing a quick and easy idea of where we are and current challenges…and how they’re related to each step of the project.


I’ve used this app to do pretty much anything diagrams. Its fantastic, I can create full work flow diagrams for applications and databases to website planning and just plain brainstorming. Its been absolutly great, and I’m impressing my clients with the amazingly elegant diagrams your app creates. This app is seriously a MUST HAVE if you own a mac.

Some Issues

The issue that is most annoying is when you click on search with google it always opens safari even though Firefox is set as the default browser. Not ready for primetime.

Scrolling is greatly improved

I owned MindNode Pro and with my new Mac mini and the recent update it failed to work. So I hesitated upgrading to MindNode 2, but I’m glad I did because scrolling is greatly improved. I have a massive mindnode and it churns the file very well compared to Mindnode Pro. I’m glad I upgraded. It wasnt cheap ($35) but it is worth it. I like that it has hyperklinks to send you to webpages for more info.

Best of its kind

Fast, elegant, and functional. Updated often and with great support! Highly recommended.

Great app.

Didnt stick at first but gave it a second try from reading David Sparks Presentations iBook. Sparks has new screen casts on the mindnode site. Great app - great videos. Been getting great use of the app! The freeform canvas, scrolling, syncing, ease of use, easy on the eyes design all come together when you are using the app for a great expereince. For me a great way to brainstorm then organize my thoughts toward making things and making better decisions.

So far the best mindmapping app for Apple ecosystem

I have used mindmapping software since 2007, with the first one being Mindjets MindManager. However, over the years, the complexity of mindmapping software suites in the market have shifted the users focus and efforts from actual thinking to wrestling with complicated interfaces and features. MindNodes simplicity of interface and seamless interoperability with Apple devices has won me over. I especially love the fact that I can create an entire mindmap using only keyboard shortcuts and without using the mouse. I highly recommend this software for people who believe in non-linear thinking!


Helps me to do my work as a programmer by allowing me to keep notes in a structured way.

this is Mac

there are reasons to have (and keep staying) with a Mac MindNode is one of them i had v1, but wasn’t using it too much because it was missing notes. now v2 has notes (and very well designed!) + the outline view!! and the Markdown realtime preview (!!!) and tons of I/O i’ll keep the mac for apps like this

WHY removing the customizable themes?

after using mindnodes pro for a while switching to mindnode 2 is FRUSTRATING. The nodes length has to be adjusted every time you create a new node. There is no way of set a default length. or a default text size different from 22 pt. like I need to see the text from space. WHO WRITES IN 22 pt?? sometimes the text is centered, sometimes not.. bah. I miss the old mindnode pro.

Good but...

just a few things I wanted to point out: 1. add the possibility to set a “space” limit between branches (because when you have a lot of them it gets quite messy) 2. add new “branches style”, in order to make the layout less informal and more creative (it helps A LOT in the memorization phase) 3. add more icons for branches 4. better the automatic layout -> e.g. when I have a lot of branches under one category it tends to divide too much “vertically” instead of spreading them orizzontally to occupy more space (and to make the layout more clear)

Not Worth It! limited functions make you waste more time!

There is really not much to sat other than it is not worth your money. I thought it would be great to add notes and customized connections, but if you want others to see it they have to purchase the app too -i.e. you can’t print/export showing the notes you added so its basically useless as a sharing tool unless everyone forks over $30. I REALLY REGRET IT! The automatic orientation is annoying- you should be able to place nodes wherever you need.

Useful & Worth the Update

As a former MindNode Pro user this upgrad meant buying the app a second time. For some, this might seem unfair. For me, the value is here! If I want quaility software tools I must support a sustainable path for developers to continue to improve an app important to my workflow. The developer provided many upgrades to the previous product, and this new version is a great improvement over an already great product. The new printing options are very helpful along with the other promoted improvements. I highly recommend the upgrade for “pro” users and for newcomers, this is a very useful mindmapping app. I use it to develop ideas, then export to opml for import into Scrivener for further development, PDF or now the web for sharing ideas with others. Additionally, your work “round trips” through your iOS apps with iCloud. I have had great success with this and again, it is an important part of my workflow. I’ve used many other mindmapping applications, some of these applications have more functionality, but I always returned to Mindnode because it is easy to use, and I don’t have to wrestle with the software to get the outcomes I want. It is very intuitive and therefore my focus is upon my work, not the software. To the developers, nice work and look forward to your continual development.

The Best Mind Mapping Program for the Mac

I have used a lot of different mind mapping programs over the years, but the only one I have stuck with is MindMap Pro. MNP is easy to use, has intuitive controls, and is incredible useful. A nice trick is once you have organized the map select all and just copy and paster to turn the map into an indented outline for Google Docs or similar text editor. Recommended!

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